Kalamazoo College Alcohol Policy

Come Home

As we welcome our alumni and guests back to campus for Homecoming Weekend, we remind you of the College’s policies regarding alcohol consumption on campus. Appropriate and responsible conduct is expected of guests during Homecoming Weekend, especially in situations where students might be present. Thank you for your compliance, and enjoy your weekend back on campus.

Alumni Informal Gatherings on Campus

Alumni can use College facilities for their informal gatherings during Homecoming Weekend, pending approval.

Alcohol is not permitted in any dormitory buildings, the library or the dining hall. Alcohol may be consumed in other campus buildings pending approval from College administrators. However, it is against College policy for any informal reunion event on campus involving alcohol to carry a monetary fee without a State of Michigan liquor permit. If you would like to host a class gathering on campus which includes alcohol, we recommend that you contact the Office of Alumni Engagement for more information.

Events with Students

Many events during Homecoming Weekend will enjoy the attendance of alumni, guests, and students. Kalamazoo College’s alcohol policy is consistent with state law regarding alcoholic beverages and its commitment to helping students be responsible adults. Students twenty-one and older who choose to use alcohol should do so in a responsible manner and in accordance with state law.

Tailgate Parties

Alcohol is not allowed at athletic fields and facilities per NCAA, MIAA and Kalamazoo College policies.

Please help us ensure that the game is fun, spirited, and compliant with NCAA and conference policies. Those in possession of alcohol risk removal from athletic events and the athletic fields.

Thank you for your support of our K Hornet teams and of the College’s NCAA, conference and legal obligations.