Safety and Security

Kalamazoo College operates its own non-deputized campus safety program. Campus Safety personnel, under the direction of Tim Young, Director of Campus Safety, regularly patrol the campus 24 hours a day. Campus Safety will respond to all requests for service and attend to situations around the campus that affect the security of residents and visitors. You will note increased exterior lighting, added outdoor emergency phones and trimmed shrubbery to make Kalamazoo College safer, and your weekend more enjoyable. Although these improvements and the presence of safety patrols greatly increase campus security, safety must always be of personal concern. The Office of Campus Safety requests that criminal acts and unusual or suspicious activity that occurs on college property be reported immediately.

Campus Speed Limits

The speed limit on campus roads is 15 MPH. Please drive cautiously, watching for students, returning alumni, and guests at crosswalks and between cars.

Emergency Contacts

Campus Safety: 269- 337-7321

Kalamazoo Public Safety: 911

If calling from a campus phone, you must dial “9” for an outside line. We want you to have a safe and enjoyable Homecoming Weekend.