Unexpected Homesickness

When I arrived on campus as a first-year this year I expected to be homesick during the fall term. However, I was caught up in making new friends and learning how to live in my own in a place far away from home. I went home for winter break almost unwillingly because I enjoyed forging new bonds with the people around me so much. I was ecstatic to return to campus in January to see my new friends once again. My moment of return was euphoric. There were more hugs that night than I can count and everyone had huge smiles on their faces as they caught up with each other.

Soon things calmed back down into a regular routine. And before I knew it I was missing home. It never occurred to me that homesickness would come so long after the start of college, but it did. It wasn’t the large things that I missed most. I can still talk to my family and friends regularly. It is the small, everyday things that you notice: a home-cooked meal, your pet dog licking your face, even waking up at 6:30am every morning and driving your brother to school. There are many wonderful things about college life, but there are some things you can only experience at home.

There are ways that I have learned to turn that homesickness into something constructive. Instead of only longing to leave and return home, I feel lucky that I have such a loving home that is waiting for me to come back this summer. Then I think again to all of the amazing opportunities here at K. Every little thing I miss about home is matched by something enjoyable at K. I miss petting my cat? I remember laughing at some silly joke at dinner with my new-found friends last night. I wish I could see my friends still in high school perform in their play? I go to the climbing gym downtown with some friends for a few hours and come back refreshed and focused.

Homesickness can make your college experience much rougher than it should be. Many people struggle with it, especially when they come from far away (such as all the way from the Southwest, as I do). All I know is that I remember the people and things that I left behind fondly, but I always am reminded of the wonderful new people I have met here at K. There are plenty of activities to keep me busy and the more I take part in them, the easier it becomes to forget my homesickness.