Ten Tips to Eating Gluten-Free at K

Though I myself do not live by a gluten-free diet, I know there are an estimated three million Americans with celiac disease, a condition which causes adverse reactions to food products with gluten in them, and many more people who chose not to eat gluten for their own reasons. Adjusting to college life is hard enough without wondering how and where you’re going to find something safe to eat, so below you can find ten tips for eating gluten-free here at Kalamazoo College!


  1. First and foremost, it is helpful to check out daily and/or weekly menus, posted on the kzoo.edu website and/or on the Kalamazoo College Dining Services Twitter and Facebook pages, to see what is available beforehand.
  2. When choosing meals at Welles Dining Hall or ordering something from the Richardson Room, keep your eyes peeled for a small, yellow circle with a symbol of wheat inside, which indicates that particular food product has gluten in it. This and other symbols are designed to help you know what’s in your food!
  3. There is a special fridge in Welles Dining Hall just for gluten-free students located in the corner by the vegetarian section. Here you can find gluten-free pasta, muffins, and other kinds of food saved just for you!
  4. The chefs in Welles Dining Hall will make gluten-free pizza upon request, so feel free to ask!
  5. Gluten-free bread is also available upon request at The Richardson Room, so simply ask for that instead when ordering sandwiches or a mini pizza!
  6. It is never a bad idea to keep your room stocked with your own favorite gluten-free snacks, like Cheerios, popcorn, even peanut butter, just in case you’re not interested in the college’s gluten-free options on any particular day.
  7. Be willing to try foods you may be unfamiliar with if they are gluten-free – you never know what could be your new favorite food!
  8. If you’re ever in doubt, all three campus eateries (Welles Dining Hall a.k.a. “The Caf,” The Richardson Room a.k.a. “Stacks,” and The Book Club) have salads available, which are usually guaranteed to be gluten-free.
  9. Never be afraid to ask K College Dining Services staff what’s in a particular meal or food product if you are unsure – it’s part of their job to be informed and help you out!
  10. And finally, don’t let your diet discourage you from partaking in activities on or off campus. Programs like LandSea or Study Abroad/Away are committed to accommodating students like you and work to ensure you have access to meals that are healthy as well as safe.

Good luck and happy eating!


– Addie Dancer, K’20