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The Best Way To “Fall” In Love With Kalamazoo

School is back in session, and I can’t believe how quickly the first few weeks of school flew by! Because K College is such an academically rigorous institution, it’s easy to become overwhelmed, especially during fall quarter since we’re all […]

Health is Wealth

One of the biggest things I struggled with during my high school career was figuring out when to keep pushing myself on assignments and when to realize I was absolutely drained and needed to give myself a break. In my […]

Chicago Aquarium Trip!

Alexandra Smith smiling with a friend in Chicago A couple of Saturdays ago, I found myself driving a van full of high-spirited K College students to Chicago. I couldn’t help but get that kind of wonderful road-trip-with-friends feeling as we cruised down the highway with the music pumping. […]

Combating the Cold

Tile carving at the Vine Neighborhood Association Things can get a little dull by around 7th week of Winter Term. It’s too cold to casually be outside for any amount of time, and Spring Break is a bit too far in the future to sustain high spirits […]

Trips to the Animal Shelter

A student holding a cat at an animal shelter My main job as Co-President of a club called Zookeepers is planning trips to the local SPCA. The club volunteers their time by walking and playing with dogs as well as taking care of the cats. It is wonderful for […]