Sophomore Slump

Let me tell you, it’s hard to come back for sophomore year.

I was super excited for everything I was planning on being a part of: I’m the layout editor of the Index (, an intern in the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life ( and working closely with the Fellowship of Christian Students. I knew my classes would be great, despite being a challenge.

But when I got back to school in early September, I realized that summer was so nice for a reason…I wasn’t busy!

I had forgotten how to balance life at K. Being involved in so many extracurricular activities, working my first job ever, and trying to figure out much more difficult classes proved to be incredibly difficult. By fourth week, I was burnt out.

I talked to everyone I knew about what to do. My boss, my advisor, my friends, and everyone who walked by my table in the library.

Everyone seemed to say the same thing: take more time for yourself! But as easy as it was for people to tell me to  do that, it was a million times more difficult to actually accomplish.

Classes were just getting harder, the Index was picking up steam, and my responsibilities within my internship were growing to be more than I had anticipated.

I told myself, well maybe it will slow down naturally and I’ll have a chance to catch my breath. But I realized that wouldn’t happen unless I forced it to.

So during fall break, instead of going home to see my family or up north to spend the weekend with friends, I stayed in my dorm.

I spent time meditating, enjoying the beautiful weather, watching Netflix (where my Scandal fans at !?) and even doing a bit of homework. But most importantly, I did exactly what I wanted when I wanted to do it. I didn’t have to make any meetings or run off to my next class. I could just enjoy being on campus and living life.

I think it’s easy, in high school or at college, to forget that we are supposed to be having fun, not falling over due to stress. As impossible as it feels to take time for ourselves, it’s one of the most important things I’ve learned at K.

I’m obviously no expert. I’m still trying to figure out how to recognize that I need the time to myself ~before~ I crash. But I still have two and a half years left to figure it all out.

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About Claudia Greening ʼ17

Claudia is a sophomore at K. She is originally from Royal Oak, a suburb north of Detroit. She hopes to major in History and minor in Religion, with a concentration in Women, Gender and Sexuality. She loves cats, traveling and spending time with friends. She is the Layout Editor of the Index, an Interfaith Student Intern in the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life and a member of KCrew.