So What’s Your Major?

I got that question a lot this summer. The answer was usually “umm, history. I think.” At Kalamazoo College, we don’t declare a major until the winter of our sophomore year (February 3rd, to be exact). That’s a big contrast to many other schools, which require you to declare as soon as you enter your first year of school.

This quirk at K allows for some serious exploration during your first year and a half (four quarters). You can take science, history, English, etc. Or, you can be like me, and take as much history as you can possibly get into. It is flexible. It allows you to adjust to life as a Hornet, before signing a document that could point you in a certain life direction.

After much consideration, debate, anguish, joy, endless emotion; I am confident that I’m ready to declare a major when I come back from winter break. It’s a mouthful, but stick with me. I, Claudia Greening, am a history major with a major focus in American studies and a minor focus in modern Europe, with a religion minor and a concentration in Women, Gender and Sexuality.

I think for me, the ability to wait until sophomore year to declare a major gave me more freedom to feel like I can make mistakes, take random classes of interest without it causing trouble to my chance of graduating on time (I took a philosophy class last winter…), and just allowed me to grow as a person.

I came to K thinking I was going to major in political science. And I’m so glad that I had 18 months to figure out that I belong in the History Department.

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Claudia Greening ʼ17

About Claudia Greening ʼ17

Claudia is a sophomore at K. She is originally from Royal Oak, a suburb north of Detroit. She hopes to major in History and minor in Religion, with a concentration in Women, Gender and Sexuality. She loves cats, traveling and spending time with friends. She is the Layout Editor of the Index, an Interfaith Student Intern in the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life and a member of KCrew.