Rod Malcolm – Senior Associate Director of Admission

Rod MalcolmRod Malcolm has worked in the Kalamazoo College Office of Admission since September, 1999. Originally from Moyhall, a small town with no stop sign or traffic light in St. James, Jamaica, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Fitchburg State College. Before coming to K, Rod worked in the Admission Office at Fitchburg State for six years while pursuing graduate coursework. Rod enjoys traveling and cooking. Out of all the countries he has been to (he does a lot of traveling as the Coordinator of International Recruitment for K!), he has enjoyed India the best, because of the beautiful assault of colors and smells he witnessed there.

Hometown: I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts but I am from Moyhall – St. James, Jamaica.

Favorite Food: I love good BBQ

When you visit Kalamazoo, you must… visit the “Eccentric Café” and “Beer Garden” at Bell’s Brewery!

Favorite question from a prospective student: “Where does the name ‘Kalamazoo’ come from?” By the way, it is a word with Potawatomi origins in a myth involving boiling water. So the translation is generally something approximating “place where the water boils”.

Favorite college memory: It is Hard to remember that far back… but reporting for athletes’ pre-season.

Advice for prospective students: Visit multiple college campuses if possible, ask questions to students you meet and eat in the cafeterias!