Making Connections at K

Though the environment, campus, and cost of a college are some of the most popular deciding factors when figuring out where you want to be for the next four years, I realized it’s also important to look at the faculty and staff that work at the college. Although it may seem like it, the students at a college aren’t the only people you’re spending the next four years with. The professors and administration, even the security and dining staff, are all individuals who also have the ability to make your college experience noteworthy or one you wish to forget.

When deciding on K College, I hadn’t given much thought to the faculty, staff, and administration at K. I was solely focused on the cost and classes offered to ensure I was going to get the most out of these next four crucial years. However, I soon realized I had made a mistake when I chose not to look into the professors and staff, not because I would’ve known what professors to look out for and what administration to kiss up to, but because there are so many extraordinary individuals within those positions here at K.

Throughout my first two quarters here at K, I have been lucky enough to have professors that have a strong passion for teaching while making the required material not only easy to comprehend, but also intriguing. One specific individual who has stood out above the rest is my academic advisor Diane Seuss, whom was also the professor of my First-Year Seminar.

Di doesn’t just teach the material in her class, she dissects it, smothers it all over you with a dash of personal narrative and a hint of real-world experiences, and puts it in its own special package for you to carry for the rest of your time at K. She makes a classroom of shy acquaintances bloom into a bold new family and reminds you it’s okay to take a mental day.

Not only was a Di an impactful professor, but she’s also a more than qualified academic advisor. Coming into K, I was so confident in the direction I wanted my studies to go that I didn’t think an academic advisor would offer any meaningful insight. I went into the meeting ready to tell her that I intend on double majoring in English and Psychology with a minor in Spanish, but left the meeting thinking about a concentration in Women’s Studies, or a double major with Anthropology/Sociology instead of Psychology. Di told me that the best part about K was that there’s plenty of room to take classes you wouldn’t normally think of taking, such as the religion course I decided to take this past quarter. She made it clear to me that I have time to experiment and start fulfilling required credits for my intended English major.

Di has gone out of her way to not just offer my guidance within an academic context, but on a more personal level as well. She is more than willing to meet outside of her scheduled office hours to chat about classwork or anything else that’s going on in my life. Fortunately, that’s how most professors at K are; they’re more than willing to go the next step and create a relationship with you. So if you’re thinking about coming to K, do some research on the staff, especially those that teach in your areas of interest, and be ready to create a relationship with them because they can’t wait to make one with you.

-Karina Pantoja ’20