Living Learning Houses: A Home Away from Home

For students who want to live on campus and are seeking an alternative to a residence hall, K has options. Living Learning Houses allow you to live in one of eight homes on campus with a handful of friends or people who share a common interest.

Two students in a bedroom of the Living Learning HousesThree students in a Living Learning Houses KitchenSpeaking of kitchens, Living Learning Houses are also great for people who enjoy cooking their own meals. Dining Services offers a variety of meal plans that can accommodate students who live in Living Learning Houses. This means you are still able to visit the dining hall while also having the opportunity to make your own culinary creations.

Six Students and a Giant Inflatable Unicorn in a Living Learning Houses Living RoomSix students outside at the Living Learning HousesBack when I was a young sophomore, I lived in a Living Learning House themed “Film House”. We all had an interest in movies and wanted to be able to host events that would allow us to explore this interest. During the first quarter I was elected house liaison, which meant I attended weekly meetings with the Living Learning House residential advisor and the other liaisons from the other Living Learning Houses. This was a great opportunity to gain leadership skills early on in college.

This year, there is a whole new crop of Living Learning Houses, one of them themed “Intercultural Unity House”, the members of which include international students and domestic students with heritage from around the world. One of the residents, Mansi Dahal ’20, reflects on what her experience has been. “Living Learning Houses are not just about learning about each other’s lives but living them together. I love how I have grown together with my housemates and seen different perspectives to tackle the same problem.”

Mansi brings up a great point about how living together with six to eight other people can really be a great learning experience in terms of understanding what you need from a living space and how you interact and solve housing conflicts with other people. “Celebrating each other’s cultures in this new place makes me feel like I have formed a new family here,” Mansi explains. “I feel like this has become my home away from home.”

Here at K we are proud to offer housing options. Living Learning Houses really are a wonderful option for students who are looking to build a small, close-knit community. Who knows, you might just find your home away from home.

Savannah Kinchen ‘18