Early Decision Programs

The Early Decision option is a binding program open to all incoming first-year students, including international students.

A Binding Decision

Early Decision is a binding commitment—if you are admitted, you agree to attend Kalamazoo College and to withdraw all other pending applications. Apply for Early Decision only if you are sure K is your first choice.

Early Decision I

By making your commitment early, you can save yourself time, expense and the stress of navigating the admission process with several institutions. Be among the first to be considered for merit-based scholarships and receive your financial aid package. If you’re not accepted for Early Decision. you will have ample time to apply to other colleges.

ED I also allows students who are participating in winter and/or spring sports an opportunity to complete the admission process prior to their season commencing.

  • November 1: CommonApp Deadline
  • November 15: FAFSA Priority Deadline
  • December 1: Admission Decision Mailed
  • January 15: Deposit Due

Early Decision II

ED II allows students to apply after their senior mid year grades are available. Students who know K is their top choice and would also like the strength of their senior year grades to be taken into account during the admission process should consider applying as ED II candidates .

ED II Is also optimal for students involved in fall sports who have identified Kalamazoo College as their top choice, but didn’t come to that conclusion until after their season ended and the ED I deadline had passed.

  • February 1: CommonApp Deadline
  • February 1: FAFSA Priority Deadline
  • February 15: Admission Decision Mailed
  • March 1: Deposit Due

Your Interest Matters

An Early Decision application tells us you want very much to be here at K—and that matters a great deal to us. We are particularly receptive to applicants who show they are passionate about attending Kalamazoo College.

Financial Aid Options

As an Early Decision candidate, you will automatically be considered for merit-based scholarships. Merit-based scholarship award notifications will be included with the offer of admission.

Students seeking need-based financial aid will be notified of their complete financial aid package after they have been informed of their admission decision and a FAFSA has been submitted to the College. We recommend you file the FAFSA prior to the dates listed below to ensure your financial aid award letter is sent to you in a timely manner.

If, in the end, your financial aid package does not meet your family’s perceived need, then you can be released from the Early Decision agreement.

Connect with K

If Kalamazoo College is clearly your first choice, our Early Decision program can offer you many advantages. Let us tell you more. Connect with us today.