Helping Hands

Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help because we develop such a strong sense of pride and we don’t want to do anything to ruin that. In high school I had grown comfortable when asking for help, knowing what teachers were willing to go the extra step and make sure I connected to the assignments and projects only because I spent four consecutive years there and the school itself was relatively small. Coming to K though, I struggled. I think the main reason for this was that I didn’t have connections yet, everything was still new and fresh and I didn’t know exactly who to turn to for help, or even how.

The first few weeks in my classes I was assigned multiple essays. Being assigned the essays wasn’t the issue as I have always been one to perform well in English and writing. The issue was, however, that college was a new space with new expectations and I wanted to start off the year strong but wasn’t sure who or where to turn to for help in order to succeed. Fortunately, this is how many first year students may feel when they first get to college and the teachers are aware of it, especially here at K. One of the places on campus that is repeatedly mentioned for academic assistance is the Writing Center, and for a good reason too. The Writing Center is made up of student consultants in a variety of different majors that have been trained to help students with any academic, or even recreational, writings, whether that be an essay, lab report, poem, or short story. The students there are more than willing to take the time to work with you to get your assignment where you want it no matter where you are in the writing process- understanding the prompt, editing a draft, or finalizing a polished piece.

Within my first quarter, I found myself at the Writing Center for almost every writing assignment. It became a secure space for creating ideas and receiving critique, making it easy to stop thinking that getting some assistance may ruin your pride. I have worked with several different consultants and each one has worked as hard as the next in helping me start, edit, and finish assignments before their due dates. Each have also gone the extra step and have spent time past scheduled appointments to help wrap up ideas or go over new additions, while making it clear that if I needed more assistance they were open to meeting up at a different time without scheduling an appointment.

The Writing Center at K is just one of the many resources that is available to students for academic assistance and that wants you to be successful. Don’t worry about your pride when gaining a helping hand leads to a strong essay, friendly connections, and free candy with every visit!

-Karina Pantoja ’20