Happy Holidays

For several reasons, the winter season and the holidays around it seem to be extended here at Kalamazoo College.

Going back to last quarter…

First off, there’s Cafsgiving, happening one Thursday a week or so before Winter Break (and thus, a week or so before the actual holiday in which it celebrates – Thanksgiving). On this wondrous occasion, the cafeteria puts on its biggest display. On that Thursday, the cafeteria sees the most people out of any other day in the year – the wait is long and seats are hard to grab, but it’s worth it. This year, faculty handed out cider and cranberry juice, and candles were lit at every table to set the mood. The cafeteria is specifically rearranged for the occasion in order to ensure optimum efficiency of food displaying and serving. It’s my personal favorite re-occurring school event of the year because of the increased quality of food, yes, but mostly because it’s a time where all my friends make sure to get together and get either incredibly sappy or incredibly hilarious talking about what they’re thankful for.

Not long after the festivities of Cafsgiving, students are released into the real world again for 6 weeks, a phenomenon known as Winter Break. I actually got to celebrate both Thanksgiving and Hanukah this break, as well as going to a Winter Solstice party and then Christmas and New Year’s.

Meanwhile, back in Kalamazoo, the first 2 days of school were canceled due to excessive snow, ice, and subzero degree weather. I can now say that I have been outside when it’s negative 11 out!

Once my house got back into the swing of things, we had our gift exchange. My housemates are wonderful.

Anyway, it looks like it’s going to be a winter wonderland for a while here at Kalamazoo College. It’s snowing huge snowflakes outside as I write this.outside a living learning house in winter

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