Getting Ready for Spring

As spring break comes to a close, I can’t help but think about all the refreshing opportunities that come with a new quarter. Pretty soon the snow will start melting, and I’ll be able to drag a blanket and backpack out to the quad and study in the sun. I get to move my runs from the treadmill to the sidewalks surrounding campus. Plus, having finished winter exams before the break, us K students are given a fresh start when we come back to a new set of classes.

I’m excited for my spring schedule for a few reasons. I’m a science student and I’m used to seeing many of the same classmates over and over. I hope to see many of them again in my chemistry class, but I couldn’t be more eager to meet a different demographic in psychology and creative writing. I’m thrilled that, while staying on track for a pre-medical career, I still have room to explore other classes – ones that put me outside my comfort zone (creative writing classes, for example, often put on performances for their peers at the end of the quarter) or sparked my interest outside my intended major.

I don’t know about the rest of campus, but I find spring to be a source of motivation; the sunny disposition of staff and students seems infectious when the temperature starts to climb, and it makes me almost enthusiastic to accomplish my goals – opening my windows and getting some cleaning done in my dorm room, making the trek down the stairs of Trowbridge Hall to my favorite study spots, getting some exercise in the fresh air, or walking to class (finally without snow boots and thick mittens).

Outside Dewing Hall

On top of classes and weather, this spring has brought an exciting new opportunity for the Model UN team, which I joined this winter. For the first time, the team has been granted funds to make its second trip this school year; we will be headed to Chicago for a conference in April (my first MUN competition). This group of students created an environment that welcomed newcomers with open arms, even halfway through the year, and I can’t wait to compete!

Happy spring, everyone!

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About Shelby Tuthill ‘17

Shelby is a sophomore at Kalamazoo from Grand Rapids, MI. She is involved in Model UN, K Crew and cross country on campus in addition to drawing the occasional cartoon for the school newspaper, The Index. She hopes to major in psychology but still loves reading, painting and writing. She has enjoyed being a research assistant for psychology professor Dr.Liu this year.