Holistic, Inclusive, Visitor Experience Team (H.I.V.E.)

Our Holistic, Inclusive, Visitor Experience (H.I.V.E.) employees work with the Office of Admission to assist prospective students and families during their college search and decision process. Our H.I.V.E. members aspire to help prospective students envision the possibility of their individual K experiences by telling the many stories of life as a K student. They are committed to anti-oppression, inclusion, and the intentional representation of diverse experiences of students at K.

2021 H.I.V.E. Profiles

Claire Tallio ’23

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI/Nanjing, China
K-Plan: Economics and Political Science major, Chinese minor

“My favorite thing about K is the sense of community we have across campus. Everyone is so friendly and enjoys being here.”

Baylee Bacheller ’22

Hometown: Constantine, MI
K-Plan: Business and History major

Favorite location on campus: The Reading Room on the 2nd floor of the library

Madison Barch ’24

Hometown: Shelby Township, MI
K-Plan: Biology with a Pre-Med concentration

“I chose Kalamazoo College for the rigorous academics as well as the opportunity to play collegiate level football.”


Adam Dorstewitz ’22

Hometown: Portage, MI
Computer Science, economics and physics major



Kayla Carlson ’22

Hometown: Hastings, MI
K-Plan: Economics major, Anthropology/sociology minor, double concentration in
Environmental Studies and Public Policy and Urban Affairs

“My favorite place in Kalamazoo would have to be the trails by asylum lake. This place is such a nice get away from the busy college scene and has really pretty views.”

Victor Guerra Lopez ’24

Hometown: Lynwood, California
K-Plan: Major in Math and minor in Japanese and either a major or minor in Physics

Favorite place in Kzoo: “My favorite place in Kalamazoo is Airway Lanes because there is bowling, go kart racing, laser tag and an arcade.”


Rushik Patel ’22

Hometown: Portage, MI
Music and Biology double major

Why did you choose K? “In short, K’s academic plan allowed me to pursue both my passion for music and my interest in biology/medicine without having to sacrifice one for the other.”

Fun fact about you: I’m a member of the WMU Bronco Marching Band, an opportunity I’d love to see more Hornets take advantage of!

Eleanor Carr ’23

Hometown: Lansing, MI
K-Plan: Computer Science and Biology

Three words to describe me: Perfectionist, dedicated, nerdy


Mari Jimenez-Mora ’22

Hometown: Gurnee, IL

Fun fact about Mari: She speaks SIX languages!




Eleanor Hughes ’21

K-Plan: Theatre arts major, Spanish minor




Eleanor Yaruss ’21

Hometown: Pittsburg, PA
English and Religion double major

Favorite place to study: Third floor study room in the library


Ethan Krasman ’21

K-Plan: Psychology major, French minor



Ella Black ’24

Hometown: Miami, FL
K-Plan: Undecided, interested in Social Justice and English Literature

Favorite thing about K: The student to professor ratio


Grace Stier ’21

K-Plan: German major




Kanase Matsuzaki ’23
Tokyo & Belgium
K-Plan: International and Area Studies and French double major

Favorite food in the caf: Tater tots!




Hannah Hong ’22

K-Plan: Biology major



Hannah Shiner ’21

K-Plan: Biology major, Anthropology minor

Admission Intern



Imalia Drummond ’22




Jessie Gougeon ’21

K-Plan: French and International Area Studies double major

Admission Intern




Lizbeth Lopez ’22

K-Plan: English and studio art double major, Art history minor



Luma Qashou ’22

K-Plan: Spanish major, Chemistry minor



Clare Wren Catallo-Werner ’24

Hometown: Clarkston, MI
K-Plan: I have not declared yet, but likely some combination of theatre, history, English, or film studies.

Three words that describe me: Creative, Passionate, Hopeful


Matt Dubin ’22

Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI
Business major

Life after K? “Stay right here and start a property management company!”



Matthew Swarthout ’22

K-Plan: Theatre arts and Biology double major




Meaghan Hartman ’23

Hometown: Flint, MI
History major w/ a concentration in Women, Gender, and Sexuality

“My favorite thing about K is how supportive the community is! Everyone on campus is encouraging you to be not only the best student you can be, but also the best person you can be!”


Meredith Kahan ’21

K-Plan: International area studies major, History minor





Rachel Dobb ’22

Hometown: Muskegon, MI
K-Plan: History and English double major

Why I chose K: “I liked the small, liberal arts feel here, and the fact that curriculum was largely up to me.”





Talia Gadd ’21
K-Plan: Religion Major



Gunzi Otgonjargal ’23

Hometown: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
K-Plan: Chemistry major, Physics and Chinese minor

Favorite thing about K: “Always-helping-me-to-succeed community and abundant opportunities”