Student Employees and Tour Guides

Our student employees work with the Office of Admission to assist prospective students and families during their college search and decision process. Our student employees aspire to help prospective students envision the possibility of their individual K experiences by telling the many stories of life as a K student. Our student employees are committed to anti-oppression, inclusion, and the intentional representation of diverse experiences of students at K.

2020 Feature Tour Guide Profiles


Ava Keller ’22



Ava Keller ’22

Hometown: Kalamazoo, Michigan
“My favorite thing about Kalamazoo College is the close relationships that can be formed with professors. Because class sizes are so small, the professors are available and excited to engage with students both in and outside of class.”

Jared Pittman ’20



Jared Pittman ’20

Hometown: Muskegon, Michigan

“I chose K for the close relationships you can build with people and different departments on campus.”

Anthony Hu ’23



Anthony Hu ’23

Hometown: Alhambra, California

“I love the sense of community with my peers. I know that I’ll have help and support if I ever need it.”

All tour guides:


Adam Dorstewitz ’22

Computer Science, economics and physics major




Anna McKeown ’22

Undeclared major




Boemin Park ’20

English and business double major



Carley Dziewicki ’20

Math and environmental studies double major





Eleanor Carr ’23

Undeclared major




Eleanor Hughes ’21

Theatre arts major, Spanish minor




Eleanor Yaruss ’21

English and history double major




Ethan Krasman ’21

Psychology major

French minor



Grace Stier ’21

German major






Hannah Hong ’22

Biology major




Hannah Shiner ’21

Biology major

Anthropology minor



Imalia Drummond ’22




Jessie Gougeon ’21

French and international area studies double major




Lizbeth Lopez ’22

English and studio art double major

Art history minor




Luma Qashou ’22

Spanish major

Chemistry minor



Maddy Guimond ’22




Matt Dubin ’22

Business major




Matthew Swarthout ’22

Theatre arts and biology double major




Meaghan Hartman ’23

Undeclared major




Meredith Kahan ’21

International area studies major

History minor



Rosella Lochirco ’20

Philosophy major

Political science minor


Talia Gadd ’21