But what is there to do in Kalamazoo?

When you first arrive to Kalamazoo, it may seem like there isn’t much going on in this town. Trust me, we have all felt that at one point or another in Kalamazoo. But we have gathered a list of fun things you can do in Kalamazoo!

Downtown Kalamazoo sign

  1. Downtown Walkers- Downtown Kalamazoo is only a mile away from our campus. Grab a friend and take a stroll down, check out the stores, coffee shops and restaurants. Nothing beats a nice walk to de-stress at the end of a long day. You can even take a book, sit down and read! Great place to explore for shopaholics as well.
  1. Foodies- Food is for friendships. You are new in town, you made some new friends and looking for things to do together. Everybody loves food! Take an Uber, or a walk to a variety of affordable food places in town. If you are a student in Kalamazoo and you haven’t been to Crow’s Nest, then you are missing out on some great food. We highly recommend the banana bread french toast! Craving burgers? Venture into The Union Cabaret and Grill downtown to enjoy food with live music. Don’t want to walk too far? University Road House is right next to our campus and serves a variety of budget-friendly meals. If you are looking for traditional Middle Eastern or Indian cuisines, Zooroona and Saffron are restaurants you need to check out. The ambiance is great and they are located only half a mile from campus.
  1. Caffeine Addicts- Fourth Coast and Water Street are the most popular student coffee joints within a mile from campus. Fourth Coast is open 24 hours a day. If you like the downtown setting, Cafe Casa is another cozy place you can take your laptop and station at. As part of your Kalamazoo experience, you must go to Black Owl Cafe.
  1. Art Lovers- For the love of art, go to ArtHop, one of the most popular fun and enriching activities that take place in Kalamazoo. ArtHop is a free, engaging and display beautiful work of many talented students and other artists. It happens first Friday of every month so if you miss one, there will be more to go to!
  1. Parks- Grab a book and take a walk down to the Bronson Park. It is located right before you enter the main downtown area. Half a mile tops!
  1. Yoga- Take a Yoga class downtown in Down Dog Yoga Center and let go of all the negativity in life. P.S. It can count as your PE credit for the quarter!
  1. Movie Junkies- The Alamo, the movie theater downtown, has a very different setting than other theaters. You can watch the movie and enjoy food at the same time. They also offer student discount. It is one of the MUST DO things in Downtown Kalamazoo.
  1. Museums- Kalamazoo Valley Museum displays multiple, amazing artists and is FREE! It is located a little over half a mile from our campus. Air Zoo, an aviation museum and indoor amusement park, is only a 10 minute commute away.
  1. Festivals- Throughout the year, Kalamazoo city organizes a variety of festivals. Kalamazoo Greek Fest is a three day long festival where the artists who come from Greece, play music, sing songs, dance and lots of great food. There are more where that came from! Check http://www.downtownkalamazoo.org/Calendar.aspx for the event calender.
  1. Bike Riders- Hit Kalamazoo River Valley Trail and enjoy the scenic 35 miles on your bikes, and it is FREE.
  1. South Haven Beach- South Haven has one of the best beaches in Michigan. It is a commute away but it is totally worth it!

Listed above are only a few things to do around here but if you are looking for more adventures, check the “269 cool things to do in area code 269”


By Azra Ahmad ’19