Admission Team Works From Home, Welcomes Virtual Connections

Admission team working from home
Admission team member Jacob Elliott enjoys plenty of coffee as he meets virtually with Future Hornets.

It’s been over a month since K’s Office of Admission team has started working remotely; employees have been busy helping students, talking to parents and setting up the best virtual visit experience possible. Just like everyone else, K’s admission counselors have been adjusting to this new normal.

Jacob Elliott, one of the newest admission counselors who works with students from the Southwest U.S., as well as students from Lansing and the Thumb of Michigan, has been crafting his own way of life. “I wake up and immediately get a cup of coffee,” Elliott said. “Nothing has changed on that front — except the size of the coffee cup.” From there, he does his best to deal with his newest coworker, 10-month-old Freddy the cat, whose idea of work time looks an awful lot like play time. When work is done, Elliott is in a desperate scramble to get through the growing pile of unread books on his shelves. “If you need a book recommendation at this point, I’m your guy!”

Freddy Elliott serves as Jacob’s work-from-home coworker.

Early in his remote work process, Elliot realized that physical distance didn’t have to mean complete social distance — social media distance, that is! “I chat with my friends now more than ever,” Elliott said. “I’m all over FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat! I’ve learned if you want to see other people, you still can. I’ve even made a few new friends while we’ve all been craving human interaction!”

While the world is keeping its distance, people are still finding ways to care for and support one another. K’s counselors are no different, Elliott said. “We’ve just extended our deposit deadline to June 1; anyone who is still considering K or is  not sure where they might be headed next year should definitely reach out! We are more than willing to help, even if that means just listening to you and talking through your options.”