A Synopsis of Study Spots

Have you ever gotten all of your books together, put them in your backpack, and then realized you have no idea where to go? Have no fear. I have prepared for you a list to help you choose where is the best place to study.

1. Upjohn Library: Ok, the library probably is the obvious choice. However it isn’t for everyone. And simply stating “the library” as a study-place is not specific enough. You must figure out which spot is right for the intensity of your studying.

1a. The Book Club: As far as studying places go, this is the most social. It’s perfect if you want to meet with someone. However, it is easy to be distracted talking to everyone. If you need to meet for some group work then stop here. You don’t need to be too quiet here and your discussion will not bother the people around you.

1b. First Floor: If you need to meet for some group work then stop here. You don’t need to be too quiet here and your discussion will not bother the people around you.

1c. Second Floor: If you need somewhere free of noise, take a seat here. It’s not unnaturally quiet in that intimidating sort of way. I myself consider this the best place to get work done.

1d. The Reading Room (on the Second Floor): If anyone asks where the quietest place on campus is, it is here. It is completely free of external distractions. They are so productive in there that I feel like we could use their focus as an alternative fuel source…

1e. Study Rooms (on the Second Floor): If you need to practice a presentation after some group work on the first floor, head here. It can be difficult because people always seem to be occupying them, but if you have the chance, snag one!

1f. Third floor: Are you tightly wound and overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of work you have to do? This is the place for you. If you choose to sit here and get work done chances are either you are trying to isolate yourself from people as much a possible to get stuff done, or it is a Sunday afternoon and all the tables on the first two floors are taken.

2. In Your Dorm Room: There are a few downsides to this location. If you are alone in your room, there is the inevitable fact that you will fall asleep. Or you will spend endless hours distracting yourself with Facebook or finding other random tasks to procrastinate. Or your roommate is there and you will feed into each other‘s procrastination. If you ask me, studying in your room is dangerous, but some people manage to pull it off just fine.

3. A Dorm Lounge: I would only recommend this if you know that you can afford to be distracted by people goofing off.

4. Hicks Center: This does not seem like a usual place to go study, which is exactly why it is such a great option. You can grab a sandwich in the Richardson Room for some brain power then find a quiet corner on the couches or in the game room (which a hidden gem among study places if no one is playing any of the games in there).

5.Outside on the Quad: If it is a nice day, it is very refreshing to sit on a blanket and do some homework. If it is the middle of winter, it will be freezing, but I won’t judge. Be warned, sometimes it is so pleasant outside that you can’t concentrate on work.

Which one is your ideal study setting?