The Self-Study Team

In preparation for our North Central Association Higher Learning Commission reaccreditation visit October 1-3, 2012, the Self-Study Steering Committee is charged with leading the self-study process, engaging the broad College community in a discussion of the self-study draft report, and preparing for a successful team visit. Please feel free to contact any of these fellow College community members if you have any questions or comments about the self-study.

The Steering Committee

  • Eric Nordmoe (chair), Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Bob Batsell, Professor of Psychology
  • Natalie Cherne, Student
  • Anne Dueweke, Director Faculty Grants & Institutional Research
  • Heather Garcia, CIP Resource Room Coordinator
  • Jeanne Hess, Professor of Physical Education
  • Michael McDonald, Provost
  • Stacy Nowicki, Library Director
  • Paulette Rieger, Project Coordinator
  • Andrew Schelberg, Student
  • Tom Smith, Professor of Chemistry
  • Paul Sotherland, Professor of Biology & Associate Provost
  • Sarah Westfall, Vice President for Student Development & Dean of Students
  • Margaret Wiedenhoeft, Associate Director, Center for International Programs

The 2010-11 Self-Study Team

During the 2010-11 academic year, the criterion-specific working groups collected, organized, and analyzed relevant evidence to prepare working documents that form the basis for the self-study being made available Fall 2011.

Working Group 1: Mission and Integrity

Criterion One: The organization operates with integrity to ensure the fulfillment of its mission through structures and processes that involve the board, administration, faculty, staff and students.

  • Tom Smith (chair), Professor of Chemistry
  • Joe Brockington, Associate Provost for International Programs
  • Elizabeth Candido, Chaplain
  • Dana Jansma, Associate Dean of Students
  • Richard Koenig, Professor of Art
  • Nicole Kragt, Assistant Registrar
  • Andy Mozina, Associate Professor of English
  • Diane Pechota, Operations Coordinator, Admissions and Financial Aid

Working Group 2: Preparing for the Future

Criterion Two: The organization’s allocation of resources and its processes for evaluation and planning demonstrate its capacity to fulfill its mission, improve the quality of its education, and respond to future challenges and opportunities.

  • Bob Batsell (chair), Professor of Psychology
  • Victor Garcia, Groundskeeper, Facilities Management
  • Christy Honsberger, Office Coordinator Alumni Relations
  • Lindsay O’Donohue, Manager of Prospect Research, College Advancement and Development
  • James Prince, Vice-President for Business and Finance
  • Eric Staab, Dean of Admissions
  • Patrik Hultberg, Associate Professor of Economics
  • Kristen Smith, Director of Athletics
  • Chuck Stull, Instructor of Economics

Working Group 3: Student Learning and Effective Teaching

Criterion Three: The organization provides evidence of student learning and teaching effectiveness that demonstrates it is fulfilling its educational mission.

  • Paul Sotherland (chair), Professor of Biology
  • Casey Delaney, Academic Records Coordinator, Registrar’s Office
  • Brian Dietz, Director, Student Activities and Hicks Center
  • Jennifer Einspahr, Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Zaide Pixley, Dean of the First Year and Advising
  • Robin Rank, Reference Librarian
  • Mike Sosulski, Associate Professor of German

Working Group 4: Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Knowledge

Criterion Four: The organization promotes a life of learning for its faculty, administration, staff, and students by fostering and supporting inquiry, creativity, practice, and social responsibility in ways consistent with its mission.

  • Siu-Lan Tan (chair), Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Sally Arent, Administrative Secretary for Dean of Students
  • Laura Furge, Associate Professor of Chemistry
  • Bruce Mills, Professor of English
  • Liz Smith, Reference Librarian
  • Jacqueline Srodes, Career Counselor
  • Margaret Wiedenhoeft, Associate Director, Center for International Programs

Working Group 5: Engagement and Service

Criterion Five: As called for by its mission, the organization identifies its constituencies and serves them in ways both value.

  • Jeanne Hess (chair), Professor of Physical Education
  • Peggy Cauchy, Office Coordinator, Physics, Math, and Computer Science
  • Allison Geist, Director, MJU Stryker Institute for Service-Learning
  • Kate Leishman, Assistant Director, Student Activities
  • Suzanne Lepley, Senior Assistant Director, Admissions
  • Sarah Lindley, Associate Professor of Art