Self-Study Timeline

May 2009 Reaccreditation Planning Task Force appointed by President Wilson-Oyelaran
AY 2009-10 Reaccreditation Planning Task Force meets to prepare for Self-Study process
June 2010 Reaccreditation Planning Task Force completes self-study design
August 2010 The Reaccreditation Steering Committee and Working Groups are appointed by President Wilson-Oyelaran
Sept 2010 The Steering Committee and working groups begin the self-study process
AY 2010-11 Working Groups gather data, conduct interviews, analyze, and develop draft reports for submission to the steering committee
Fall 2011 Reaccreditation Project Coordinator hired
Launch of Internal Reaccreditation Team Sharepoint site
April 2011 Representatives from the steering committee attend the HLC Annual Conference in Chicago
Spring 2011 Working groups submit draft reports to the steering committee
Author of Self-Study appointed by President Wilson-Oyelaran
Kalamazoo College notified of HLC Visit dates
Summer 2011 Steering committee communicates to the HLC desired competencies of the Consultant-Evaluator Team
Author begins work on Self-Study draft
Fall 2011 Steering Committee and Author finalize draft of self-study
Steering Committee circulates draft of the self-study to all on-campus constituencies for comment
Reaccreditation Community Read-ins commence during weeks 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10
Draft of the self-study will be discussed during Constituency Meetings
Feedback of the draft gathered by Steering Committee
Winter 2012 Self-study is revised based on feedback from the Campus community
Spring 2012 Self-study editor compiles the final Self-study report
July 2012 Steering Committee solicits third party comment
August 2012 Steering Committee chair sends the final report and all required documents to the HLC
Steering Committee provides evaluation materials to the Consultant-Evaluator team and HLC Staff
October 2012 HLC Team Visit October 1-3