Resource Room

The resources included in this section are prescribed by the HLC Handbook on Accreditation and will be available to the NCA evaluation team during the site visit in October 2012. Listings without hyperlinks will be available on paper in the physical Resource Room only.

1. College Governance

1.1 College Charter, 2010 (PDF)
1.2 College Mission Statement (PDF)
1.3 Kalamazoo College Bylaws (PDF)
1.4 Staff Employee Handbook (PDF)
1.5 Faculty Handbook (PDF)
1.6 Plan of Employment for Faculty (PDF)
1.7 Faculty Bylaws (PDF)
1.8 Bylaws of the Kalamazoo College Alumni Association, 2009 (PDF) Password required
1.9 Alumni Association Board Roster (in Academic Catalog) (PDF)

2. Trustee Documents

2.1 Kalamazoo College Board of Trustees Roster (in Academic Catalog) (PDF)
2.2 Kalamazoo College Trustee Commitment (PDF) Password required
2.3 The Role of a Trustee (PDF) Password required
2.4 Policy on Conflict of Interest (PDF) Password required

3. Committee Minutes and Reports

3.1 Faculty Meeting Minutes Password required
3.2 Faculty Executive Committee Minutes Password required
3.3 Procedures of the Faculty Executive Committee (PDF)
3.4 Faculty Personnel Committee Meeting History, 2006-2012 (PDF)
3.5 Faculty Personnel Committee. Defining Scholarship at Kalamazoo College, 2007 (PDF)
3.6 Faculty Personnel Committee. Scholarship in Positive Tenure Decisions, 2008 (PDF)
3.7 Procedures of the Faculty Personnel Committee (PDF)
3.8 Educational Policies Committee Minutes Password required
3.9 Reaccreditation Steering Committee Minutes (PDF) Password required
3.10 Self-Study Manual (PDF)
3.11 Community Council Minutes Password required
3.12 Description of Community Council (PDF)
3.13 Community Council official charge (PDF)
3.14 Academic Calendar Task Force Final Report, 2008 (PDF)
3.15 Institutional Review Board documents
3.16 Planning and Budget Committee. Repositioning the College for a Secure and Vigorous Future, 2006 (PDF)
3.17 Planning and Budget Committee. Options for Financing Study Abroad, 2008 (PDF)
3.18 Assessment Committee Minutes Password required

4. Curriculum

4.1 Kalamazoo College Academic Catalog 2011-2012 (PDF) [past catalogs]
4.2 Outcomes of a Kalamazoo College Education (in Academic Catalog) (PDF)
4.3 K Plan (in Academic Catalog) (PDF)
4.4 President Hicks. Report of the President to the Board of Trustees, 1971 (PDF)
4.5 Roster of faculty members and teaching assignments, Fall 2012 (PDF)
4.6 Educational Policies Committee. Sophomore Seminar Course Guidelines (PDF)
4.7 Educational Policies Committee. Senior Seminar Course Guidelines (PDF)
4.8 Kalamazoo College Academic Catalog 2012-2013
4.9 Original Curriculum Proposal (2007): Revitalizing a Fellowship in Learning: K-Plan for the 21st Century (PDF)
4.10 Revised Curriculum Proposal (2008): K-Plan for the 21st Century: Revitalizing a Fellowship in Learning (DITF-R Recommendations) (PDF)
4.11 Approved Curriculum (2009): K Plan for the 21st Century: General Education Curriculum (PDF)

5. Programming

5.1 Orange, Black, and Green: K College’s Central Resource for Environmental Sustainability
5.2 Sustainability SIP Symposia programs
5.3 List of community partners for service-learning
5.4 A Policy for a Sustainable Kalamazoo College Dining Services Program (PDF)
5.5 Upjohn Library Commons Sustainability Initiatives (PDF)
5.6 Fall Colloquium Invitation, 2011 (PDF)
5.7 New Faculty Orientation Schedule, 2011 (PDF)
5.8 Teaching and Learning Workshop for New Faculty agenda, 2011 (PDF)

6. Formal Agreements for Consortia or Contractual Relationships

6.1 Consortial and Contractual Agreements regarding Title IV

  • paper copies of original agreements are on file in the Office of Financial Aid (copies in Center for International Programs) and are available on request

6.2 PPA (Program Participation Agreements) and FISAP (Fiscal Operations Report and Application to Participate)

  • paper copies are on file in the Office of Financial Aid and are available on request

6.3 Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) Newberry Library Program Agreement

  • paper copies are on file in the Center for International Programs and are available on request

7. Student Governance and Policies

7.1 Student Commission Constitution (PDF)
7.2 Student Commission Bylaws (PDF)
7.3 Honor System 2011 (PDF)
7.4 Student Code of Conduct (PDF)
7.5 Ritual of Recognition for New Students, President Hoben, 1927 (PDF)
7.6 Housing and Board Requirements
7.7 Housing and Board Policies
7.8 Governance – Student Development Policies
7.9 Student Health Policies
7.10 Policy on Meeting the Needs of Students with Disabilities
7.11 Student Records (in Academic Catalog) (PDF)
7.12 Refund Policy (in Academic Catalog) (PDF)
7.13 Study Abroad Handbook (PDF)
7.14 ICRP Student Handbook (PDF)
7.15 Kalamazoo College’s Responsible Conduct of Research Policy for Students (PDF)
7.16 Financial Aid Policies (in Academic Catalog) (PDF)
7.17 Student Handbook 2011-2012 (PDF)

8. College Policies

8.1 Academic Policies in Academic Catalog, 2011-2012 (PDF)
8.2 Nondiscrimination Policy 2010 (PDF)
8.3 Whistleblower Policy (PDF)
8.4 Harassment Policy (PDF)
8.5 Campaign Counting and Reporting Policy (PDF) Password required
8.6  Underwater Endowed Spending Policy (PDF) Password required
8.7 Kalamazoo College Endowment Fund Investment Policy Statement (PDF) Password required
8.8 Procedure for Approval of Executive Salaries (PDF) Password required
8.9 Debt Policy (PDF) Password required
8.10 Computing Policies
8.11 Policy on computer allocation and use
8.12 Library policies
8.13 Kalamazoo College Institutional Policies and Procedures Relating to Ethical Standards in the Conduct of Research (PDF)

9. Publications

9.1 LuxEsto alumni magazine (PDF) [ past issues of LuxEsto]
9.2 Summer Lux (PDF)
9.3 BeLight the eZine of Kalamazoo College [past issues of BeLight]
9.4 The Index (student newspaper)
9.6 Passage study abroad magazine (PDF) [past issues of Passage]
9.7 Cauldron literary magazine (PDF) [past issues of Cauldron]
9.8 Kalamazoo College News and Events Web site
9.9 College Viewbook: Zoonique (in physical Resource Room only)

10. Studies Performed

10.1 Kalamazoo College Master Plan, 2012 (PDF) Password required
10.2 Art & Science Group Executive Summary, 2008 (PDF) Password required
10.3 Art & Science Group Alumni Survey, 2008 (PDF) Password required
10.4 Art & Science Group Study: Pricing Strategy and Conclusions, 2008 (PDF) Password required
10.5 National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) reports
10.6 Report of the Senior Year Committee, 2005 (PDF)
10.7 Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) reports
10.8 Cooperative Institutional Research Program — The Freshman Survey (CIRP-TFS) reports
10.9 Cooperative Institutional Research Program — Your Fist College Year (CIRP-YFCY) reports
10.10 Cooperative Institutional Research Program — College Senior Survey (CIRP-CSS) reports
10.11 The Lumina Longitudinal Study: Summary of Procedures and Findings (PDF)
10.12 Institutional Report for Kalamazoo College (CLA), 2005-2009 (PDF)
10.13 Baccalaureate Origins of Doctoral Degrees (Higher Education Data Sharing Study , 2010)
10.14 2010 Fall Colloquium Summary (presentation on CLA, NSSE, and CIRP-CSS surveys) (PDF)
10.15 Kalamazoo College 2009 CIRP-TFS presentation (PDF)
10.16 Teagle Foundation White Paper. “The Values of An Open Curriculum: An Alternative Tradition in Liberal Education,” June 2006 (PDF) Password required
10.17 Eric Nordmoe. “Are Students Catching their Breadth Under the New Graduation Requirements?” (PDF)
10.18 Catalyst for Cognizance and Change A Collaborative Value-Added Assessment Project Supported by The Teagle Foundation (Teagle Foundation funded study, 2004) (PDF)
10.19 Transforming Kalamazoo College through Multi-layered and Systematic Improvement of Student Learning (Teagle Foundation funded study, 2008) (PDF)
10.20 Alumni Survey of Doctorate Degrees (K-Plan Outcomes Study), 2005 (PDF)
10.21 Life After K Survey, 2011 (PDF)
10.22 Mary Jane Underwood Stryker Institute for Service-Learning community partner survey, 2010 (PDF)
10.23 Student Satisfaction Survey Report (PDF) Password required
10.24 Measuring Information Services Outcomes: The MISO Survey, 2012 (PDF)
10.25 FIPSE Project: Exploring Innovating Approaches to Advising
10.26 How are Kalamazoo College Students Catching their “Breadth”: A Qualitative Study (PDF)
10.27 Common Data Set, 2002-2012 (PDF)
10.28 Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) Reports, 2002-2012

11. Planning

11.1 Plan for Kalamazoo College’s Future, 2011 (PDF)
11.2 Strategic Plan Scorecard, 2012 (PDF)
11.3 Institutional and President’s Staff Annual Goals (2007-2011) Password required
11.4 Committee for Kalamazoo College’s Future 2: Positioning Statement (PDF)
11.5 Kalamazoo College Sustainability and Climate Action Plan, 2010 (PDF)
11.6 Revitalizing a Fellowship in Learning: K-Plan for the 21st Century (original proposal 2007) (PDF)
11.7 K-Plan for the 21st Century: Revitalizing a Fellowship in Learning (DITF-R Recommendations) (revised proposal 2008) (PDF)
11.8 Resolution Agreement with the Office of Civil Rights (PDF) Password required
11.9 Facilities Management Calendar of Building Inspections (PDF) Password required
11.10 K Plan for the 21st Century: General Education Curriculum (approved 2009) (PDF)

12. Statements About Kalamazoo College

12.1 President Wilson-Oyelaran. Inaugural Address, 2006 (PDF)
12.2 Third party comment notice (PDF) (a paper copy is also available in the physical Resource Room)
12.3 Watts, Brad R. “Economic Impact of Kalamazoo College.” Kalamazoo, MI: W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, 2011.
12.4 “Kalamazoo College Plans are Exciting, Respectful of Community.” Kalamazoo Gazette, March 10, 2012.
12.5 Knapp, Robert H. Origins of American Scientists, 1952. (in physical Resource Room only)

13. Financial Documents

13.1 Guide to the Kalamazoo College Endowment Fund (PDF) Password required
13.2 Moody’s 2011 Kalamazoo College Update Report (PDF)
13.3 Financial Reports and Audits, 2008-2011
13.4 Five Year Budget Modeling Tool  (PDF) Password required

14. Assessments

14.1 Kalamazoo College Culture Audit, 2009 (PDF) Password required
14.2 Kalamazoo College Culture Audit, 2012 (PDF) Password required
14.3 GLCA Faculty Salary Rankings, 2011-2012 (PDF) Password required
14.4 Gift Officer Performance Metrics (PDF) Password required
14.5 Summary of Registrar’s Office External Review, 2006 (PDF) Password required
14.6 Center for International Programs External Review, 2012 (PDF) Password required
14.7 Guidelines for External Review of Departments and Programs at Kalamazoo College (PDF)
14.8 Academic Department External Reviews Password required
14.9 Academic Department Assessment Plans Password required
14.10 Academic Department Assessment Reports and Feedback Password required
14.11 Advancement Audit Report, 2008 (PDF) Password required
14.12 Executive Summary of “Planning Principles for Diversity” (Climate Culture Audit) (PDF) Password required
14.13 LandSea Program External Review (PDF) Password required
14.14 Consultation Report for the Kalamazoo College Health Program (PDF) Password required
14.15 Review of the Counseling Center, Kalamazoo College (PDF) Password required
14.16 American Chemical Society Accreditation Reports Password required

15. HLC Accreditation Documents

15.1 Report of the HLC Consultant-Evaluator Team, 2003 (PDF) Password required
15.2 Kalamazoo College Progress Report to HLC, 2006 (PDF) Password required
15.3 HLC Response to 2006 Kalamazoo College Progress Report, 2007 (PDF) Password required
15.4 2003 Kalamazoo College Self Study (PDF) Password required
15.5 2012 Kalamazoo College Self Study, Summary, Outline, and Overview Password required

16. Federal Compliance Materials

16.1 Student complaint Logs

16.2 Annual Security Report 2011 (PDF)
16.3 Financial Reports and Audits, 2008-2011
16.4 Department of Education Default Rate Notification Letters Password required
16.5 Department of Education EZ Audit Notifications (PDF) Password required
16.6 Analysis of Department of Education Financial Responsibility Requirements (PDF) Password required
16.7 Student Right to Know Disclosures

17. Other Items of Interest

17.1 Master Planning Presentations
17.2 Faculty Gender and Ethnic Diversity, 2011-2012 (PDF) Password required
17.3 Competitor Comparison Table (PDF)
17.4 Institutional Snapshot 2012 (PDF)