Goals of the Self-Study

The years since our last reaccreditation visit in 2003 have seen considerable change in the institution. Were the 2003 team from HLC to visit the campus now, they would notice a number of very visible changes including dramatic enhancements to the physical plant and meaningful strides toward a more diverse community. A closer inspection of campus activities would uncover a variety of sustainability initiatives reflecting the importance we place on responsible world citizenship. But beyond these external developments are also changes near the heart of the institution. Within just the past three years the College has adopted and begun implementation of a new, open curriculum while also substantially expanding its engagement with the local and global community through the establishment of the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership.

In view of these fundamental institutional changes and based on careful study of HLC materials on accreditation, review of College documents, and conversations with representative constituency bodies, we have adopted the following concrete goals for the self-study process:

  • Create a shared narrative that articulates the ways in which the transformations of the institution flow from and reinforce the College‚Äôs mission.
  • Review campus engagement with the strategic planning process and assessment of progress toward plan priorities.
  • Evaluate the progress the College has made since 2003 in building a culture of assessment and using assessment for institutional improvement.
  • Model transparency and inclusiveness in this important institutional process.