Institutional Reaccreditation

The institutional reaccreditation process consists of two major components: the self-study and peer review. During the approximately two-year self-study process, the institution carries out a thorough and in-depth examination of all areas and aspects of its operations. The purposes of this examination are twofold: 1) establish that the institution meets the criteria for reaccreditation and 2) identify opportunities for institutional improvement. Upon completion of the self-study process, the institution prepares and submits a report of the self-study in preparation for peer review in the form of a comprehensive campus visit by a team of Consultant-Evaluators sent by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association. After the visit, the team prepares a report of their findings and recommendations, identifying areas that require institutional attention and/or Commission follow up.

Kalamazoo College’s 2012 Reaccreditation Self-Study