College Dining Services

Welles Student Dining Hall
At K, delicious, nutritious food creates comfort and community. We are committed to serving locally sourced products year-round, so students can feel good about what they eat.

The Welles Dining Hall is our common dining facility, located in Hicks Center. It offers a grill, wood-fired pizza, deli, vegetarian/vegan selections and more! Meals are served from the opening day of a quarter through the examination period of a quarter.

Meal Plans

Nine different meal plans offer combinations of weekly meals in the dining hall and “K Cash” supplemental dollars that can be used in the dining hall and campus cafés.  Students may choose a plan that is right for them.

Campus Cafés

Students may also use meal plan credits at the cafe located in the Richardson Room in Hicks Center, and the Book Club Café located at the library.  The Book Club Café serves locally roasted coffee and several grab and go items.

Contact Dining Services

The directors of Dining Services welcome suggestions and comments about the meal service. A comment board is available at the exit door of the facility. Quarterly student surveys are key communication avenues used by the staff to respond to needs and concerns of the students.