Curriculum and
Co-curricular Programs

Kalamazoo College is distinctly positioned to prepare students for work and life in a diverse and increasingly complex world.

During the next five years, the College will advance existing programs and identify new opportunities to help students craft their own unique K-Plans.

The College will provide resources to enable all students to study abroad and will reevaluate program offerings to fit the changing needs of our student body and curriculum.

We value the learning that takes place when students engage in the Kalamazoo community and the benefit this reciprocal relationship can have on the community. The College will continue to enhance and support civic engagement in our local and regional communities.

Preparing students for “Life After K” will become an even higher priority for the College. Opportunities for all students to participate in internships, externships, K-Treks and other professional development experiences will be expanded and financially supported.

Cultivating student leadership through programs outside the classroom will be enhanced through targeted fundraising initiatives, and the work of the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership will be further leveraged.

The College will assess technological developments that might improve educational opportunities, and K will develop a robust marketing and communication plan to bolster its prominence in a crowded higher-education landscape.