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Biological Physics


Requirements for the Biological Physics Concentration

Prerequisite Coursework
CHEM 110 Chemical Composition and Structure with Lab
CHEM 120 Chemical Reactivity with Lab
MATH 112 Calculus I
MATH 113 Calculus II
PHYS 150 Introductory Physics I with Lab
PHYS 152 Introductory Physics II with Lab

Required Courses
BIOL 112 Evolution and Genetics with Lab
BIOL 246 Cell and Molecular Biology with Lab
CHEM 210 Organic Chemistry I with Lab
CHEM 310 Physical Chemistry I with Lab
Two units from:
PHYS 205 Applications of Physics in the Biosciences
PHYS 215 Introduction to Complex Systems
PHYS 270 Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
COMP/PSYC 415 Computational Neuroscience

In accordance with College policy, concentrators in Biological Physics must pass the required courses with a C- or better.