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Public Policy and Urban Affairs


The Concentration in Public Policy and Urban Affairs

Number of Units
Six units are required.

Required Courses
Four core courses, one from each of the following areas:

ECON 235, 265, 275, or 280

Political Science:
POLS 105, 225, 229, 230, or 310

ANSO 270

PHIL 105, 108, 210, or 211

Students must complete two additional courses – one must be outside their major.

Students may use a second course from the above list of core courses or any of the following:
ANSO 120 The Family
ANSO 236 Race and Racism
ANSO 310 Research for Social Change
ARTX 295 Architecture, Urbanism, Identity
PHIL 211 Philosophy of Law
POLS 220 Voting, Campaigns, & Elections
POLS 315 Public Opinion: Race, Class, and Gender
RELG 222 Urban Religion
GERM 202/SEMN 241 Reading European Cities: Istanbul, Vienna, Berlin
SEMN 499 Social Justice and the American City
SEMN 401 Energy and Environmental Policy

Experiential Requirement
Students must also engage in either a sustained volunteer experience, off-campus internship, or research project providing first-hand experience with a contemporary social problem.