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Language Programs Receive $500,000 Grant

Language Programs_fb A $500,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities will help fortify Kalamazoo [...]

Kalamazoo College Welcomes New Faculty Members

Assistant Professor of Theatre Quincy Thomas Kalamazoo College is pleased to welcome the following faculty members to campus this fall.

Program Information

Professors: Carosella, Faulkner, López Malagamba, MacLean (chair), Nemiroff, Rábago, Valle, Zhezha-Thaumanavar

The Spanish program emphasizes a critical understanding of the Spanish-speaking world by focusing on language skills, analytical tools, and the study of a variety of cultural expressions. These studies are an effective way of gaining a deeper understanding of the world, which is an important element of a liberal arts education. The program offers courses in language, literature, linguistics, film and other cultural expressions from the Spanish-speaking world, as well as courses for the professions. There are study abroad opportunities in Spain, Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Cuba and Colombia, and a study away opportunity on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Off-campus experiences are complemented by on-campus study and experiences that maintain and improve a student's language skills. Opportunities to view Spanish language films, read Spanish publications, and converse with native speakers are an integral part of the Spanish program.

Faculty members meet students inside and outside the classroom, participate in campus activities, and counsel students regarding graduate and professional career choices in high school and college teaching, science, publishing, international trade, international banking, and other fields.