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Whiteness in Higher Education: A Primer

This document is an informal resource designed for White educators (student affairs educators and/or faculty) in higher education interested in anti-racism work, although hopefully, it can be useful to White people in any number of professions.  This is not a scholarly piece; neither do I consider it a syllabus because the depth of information is insufficient for that purpose. The best way to view this document is as a primer: it is far from comprehensive and operates only as an introduction (at best) to the topic.  Many useful works on Whiteness are omitted here.  This primer also (intentionally) omits many great works that deal with larger societal and historical context of racism in the US. At the end of the document, I include links to public syllabi that should prove informational and relevant to understanding the historical, cultural, and institutional aspects of racism in the US.

J. Michael Denton, PhD

Visit the Google document version of Whiteness in Higher Education: A Primer to access the full syllabus.


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