Transgender Identities & Communities

This course examines queer and transgender identities in different cultural contexts. Drawing on historical as well as contemporary studies, the course examines gender and sexual identities from a transnational feminist perspective. Course materials include scholarly essays from a variety of disciplines including history, anthropology, philosophy, literature, legal studies, and film studies. WGS 552 asks students to analyze gender identities, particularly transgender identities, as they intersect with ideas about sexuality, race, labor, and nation.

This semester we will study transgender identities by examining how sexual practices and gender identities are intertwined. For instance, what distinguishes a butch lesbian from a female-to-male transsexual? How do names for sexual and gendered practices (from “homosexual” to “tom”) shape how we think about culture, gender, race, sexuality, and nation? How do these factors produce sexed and gendered identities that resonate with national identities and ideologies?

Dr. Nan Alamilla Boyd
San Francisco State University


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