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Life as a Nurse in Gaza At the age of 27, Azza Jadalla has already lived through six wars. She is a cancer nurse in Gaza’s main hospital, Al-Shifa. Every day she deals with fall-out of the on-going conflict between Israel and Gaza’s ruling party, Hamas. Living in a place with a failing economy means she faces daily electricity and supply shortages at work. “Sometime we go for two or three months without pay,” she says. “But this doesn’t make me want to do my job any less, because it’s not the patient’s fault.” This year’s season features two weeks of inspirational stories about the BBC’s 100 Women and others who are defying stereotypes around the world.

Stereotypes killed Robert Butts

By John Hagedorn | Gangs and The Media

The State of Georgia executed Robert Butts Friday night, May 4, 2018 at 9:58 EDT. But the real killer was a lethal injection of stereotypes by prosecutors, callously upheld by the courts. I have a long history with Robert and his co-defendant, Marion Wilson. Since 2005 I’ve testified in various hearings about the pernicious use of gang stereotypes which frightened their juries into returning a death sentence. For Robert, my best efforts failed.

No case in my twenty three years of expert witness work has been characterized by so many inflammatory and false claims about gangs as this one.