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Environment, Health & Society

This course draws on multiple sociological perspectives to examine two interrelated domains: 1) how dimensions of social organization shape the production and distribution of environmental health and illness in the United States; 2) how we know and regulate relationships between … Continue reading

Community Based Environmental Management

Since the concept first came to be widely represented in the conservation community in the early 1990s, Community-Based Environmental Management (CBEM) has been incorporated in conservation and natural resource management initiatives around the world, from integrated conservation and development (ICDP) … Continue reading

Black Social Movements

Black social movements consistently challenge the marginalization of communities of African descent. In the process of contesting the legitimacy and consequences of physical terror, economic exploitation and cultural misappropriation endured by their communities, social movements throughout the African diaspora have … Continue reading

Feminism and Social Change

This course explores the relationship between feminism and social change. We begin with an historical examination of the first and second waves of the women’s movement. After establishing this groundwork we will address more specific issues that have arisen as … Continue reading

Environmental Justice 2

Human interactions with the natural environment always pose questions of justice. How should environmental harms be distributed? What rights do indigenous people have over their traditional lands? What is a fair allocation of responsibility for responding to global environmental problems? … Continue reading

The US v. Trayvon Martin

Reposted from Counterpunch In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, Senator Rand Paul, Florida State Representative Dennis Baxley (also sponsor of his state’s Stand Your Ground law), along with … Continue reading

Science & Popular Movements

Science & Popular Movements This class focuses on the ways that different kinds of social movements have engaged science and technology. It focuses on examples from environmentalism and medical research to find examples of “popular science” where scientists and non-scientists … Continue reading

Environmental Justice 3

This course will introduce you to the Environmental Justice (EJ) movement: its guiding l¡beliefs and philosophies, practices, approaches, past accomplishments and future potential. Environmental justice seeks fail’’’’ treatment of all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, economic capacity, national origin, … Continue reading


The purpose of this course is to investigate the challenges of implementing sustainability in a variety of contexts from the perspectives of climate change, energy use, natural resource use, and ecosystems/land use. While we are doing this through lectures and … Continue reading

Transgender Identities & Communities

This course examines queer and transgender identities in different cultural contexts. Drawing on historical as well as contemporary studies, the course examines gender and sexual identities from a transnational feminist perspective. Course materials include scholarly essays from a variety of … Continue reading