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African American Psychology

The purpose of this course is to examine theoretical and empirical issues relating to the social psychological and psychological study of African-Americans. Specific attention will be given to: (1) traditional social psychological and non-traditional approaches (Afrocentric) to the study of … Continue reading

Diversity, Oppression, & Social Justice

This course focuses on issues of diversity, oppression and social justice. It is designed to prepare social work students to be knowledgeable of people’s biases based on race, ethnicity, culture, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, social and economic status, political … Continue reading

Psychology of Sustainability

This is an introduction to the psychological study of sustainable human behavior. Effective solutions to environmental problems require that we understand and address the behaviors that lead to them. In this course we will use psychological principles, theories, and methods … Continue reading

Feminist Psychology of Women

Feminist Psychology of Women: You are not expected to be a feminist or to espouse a feminist political perspective and my goal will not be to “convert” you to feminism. However, it is difficult to possess a solid grasp of … Continue reading

Culture and Psychology

This seminar will examine the interplay of culture and the mind. In the first part of the course, we will briefly examine theoretical developments and methodological limitations in the field of cultural psychology, which has highlighted fundamental differences in models … Continue reading