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Poverty, Wealth, and Inequality in the U.S

Drawing on an interdisciplinary selection of theoretical frameworks and disciplines ranging from critical studies to education, we will explore the social, cultural, political, and spiritual implications of poverty, wealth, and inequality in the United States. In a fully experiential manner … Continue reading

Economics of Poverty in the United States

This course focuses on the economic aspects of poverty and inequality in the United States. The course uses economic theory and empirical research to analyze the determinants of, and potential strategies to overcome, poverty and inequality. Topics include measurement and … Continue reading

Families and Poverty

This course will examine families in poverty with attention focused on the causes and consequences of family poverty, including global economic factors, migration patterns, and political/social crises. Included will also be an investigation of policies and programs for poor families, … Continue reading

Law and Poverty

This class introduces you to literature written by writers of color living in the United States. With special attention to motifs such as memory, storytelling, cultural hybridity, and the social construction of identity, we’ll explore similarities and differences in the … Continue reading

Poverty, Homelessness & Social Justice

Professor Thomas J. Sheeran III, L.C.S.W. Scranton University Syllabus