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Public Health Is the Heart of the Matter: Interview with Quentin Young

By Michelle Lugalia-Hollon,Global Health, Contributing Editor | We Are Public Health

“From my adolescent years to the present, I’ve never wavered in my belief in humanity’s ability – and our collective responsibility – to bring about a more just and equitable social order. I’ve always believed in humanity’s potential to create a more caring society,” Quentin Young wrote in his 2013 autobiography, Everybody In, Nobody Out: Memoirs of a Rebel Without a Pause. A “people’s doctor” and long-time activist for single payer healthcare, Quentin Young was a visionary thinker who connected the dots between universal healthcare for all, civil rights and social justice. He died on March 7 at age 92. Two years ago, Praxis Center’s Global Health Contributing Editor Michelle Lugalia-Hollon spoke to Dr. Young about his work for We Are Public Health. In his memory, we present their conversation here.