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Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

This course will provide an introduction into Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Studies. Considering LBGTQ Studies as an interdisciplinary field using humanities text-based critical analysis, this course will focus on how the central concepts of sexual orientation and gender identity work within history, politics, literature, technology, art, music, philosophy, and literature. Throughout this course, students will work towards a deep understanding of the intersectional dynamics of privilege and oppression as they relate to LGBTQ individuals and culture by exploring the lived experiences of LGBTQ individuals and their partners/families. Critically read, discuss, analyze, and write about the assigned readings and central course themes. A key part of this process will be the application of course concepts to current cultural conversations and, potentially, students’ lived experiences. Build both a specific and general knowledge of the history and current dialogues regarding LGBTQ issues across multiple disciplines and across multiple forms of…

Orlando shooting: Grieving LGBTQ Muslims fear backlash

Repost from The Current The aftermath of the massacre at a gay club in Orlando, Fla., by a Muslim man has some Muslims in the LGBTQ community fearing targeted homophobia and Islamophobia. “I’ve been feeling this unbearable grief and rage,” Toronto community activist Lali Mohamed told The Current’s Anna Maria Tremonti. “But at the same time, I’ve started really early on preparing myself for the onslaught of violent Islamophobia that already is manifesting itself – both in the Republican party but also in the LGBTQ community in Toronto.” Listen to the full 20 minute audio interview with three people who identify as queer and Muslim: May El-Abdulah, Laila Mohamed and Mehammed Mack on The Current’s website.

In Honor of Our Dead: Queer, Trans, Muslim, Black — We Will Be Free

Repost from Black Lives Matter

It is with pain and heartache that the Black Lives Matter Network extends love, light, protection, and abundance to our family in Orlando, Florida. We love you. Black people are a diverse community, and though the hate-filled rhetoric of the conservative right is currently trying to pit us against our kin — we will always stand with all the parts of ourselves. Today, Queer, Latinx, and Muslim family, we lift you up.

When the Personal is Political and the Political is Personal…on Film


By Shayna Plaut, Contributing Editor, Human Rights

Parvez Sharma is a gay, Muslim filmmaker, journalist and writer. He is originally from India and now lives in New York City. His two films: A Jihad for Love (2008) and A Sinner in Mecca (2014) are well known on the festival circuit as well as in human rights and academic circles.

Toilet Trouble: Safe Access To Public Restrooms Is a Queer Struggle

By Erica R. Meiners and Therese Quinn | Windy City Times Website

Last week a law was signed by North Carolina’s governor to prohibit local governments from enacting laws and ordinances to permit transgender people to use gender affirming public bathrooms. Bathroom access for many, including non-gender conforming and transgender people, continues to be a hotly contested issue. Yet most of the contemporary media coverage fails to address the complex history of access to public toilets, and also some of the core anxieties that continue to fuel these bans.

Good Cop? Bad Cop? No Cop! Queer Resistance to Policing

By Therese Quinn and Erica R. Meiners | Windy City Times

With the release of the tape of the police execution of seven-teen-year-old Laquan McDonald, police reform is again in the air in Chicago. Many activists and community members have asserted that police violence is neither new nor can it be solved with “more and better” policing.