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From Tragedy, Some Hope: Muslim LGBTQ Look To Dispel Taboos

By Odette Yousef | WEBZ News “After Sunday, I was standing with one foot in this new camp of LGBTQ, and in this other camp of being Muslim,” she said, “and underneath my feet was just quicksand, and it was just disappearing.”- Nabeela Rasheed For many Muslims, homosexuality is discussed neither in the home nor the mosque, and it is common to fear ostracization because of one’s sexual or gender preferences. Rasheed, Mirza and a handful of other Muslim leaders said their goal was to break that taboo. “I really want an open dialogue and one where we can discuss how many different hurts we’re going through,” said Rasheed, “and how we frame our questions and how we frame this debate.” Various organizations invited people they knew might be interested. “This is an attempt to simply start the conversation,” said Omer Mozaffar, the Muslim Chaplain at Loyola University, who facilitated…