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Gender, Race, Science & Technology

The course takes these questions as entry points into an ever-growing body of work to which feminist, anti-racist, and other critical analysts and activists have made significant contributions. The course also takes these questions as an invitation to practice challenging … Continue reading

Contemporary Issues Among Chicanas

Contemporary Issues Among Chicanas: This course will examine the contemporary conditions of Chicanas in the United States. The first half of the course will focus mostly on theoretical issues relating to feminism; while the second half will focus mostly on … Continue reading

Contested Masculinities

Among the many social phenomena that we tend to take for granted, masculinity occupies an important, fascinating and disturbing place. We have definite images of what men are like – both positive and negative – and these images seem to … Continue reading

Asian American Women

What are the categories of “Asian American” and “woman” and how are these cross-cutting social positions integrated in the lived experiences of women who claim these identities? How do the experiences of Asian American women vary by ethnic group, and … Continue reading

Geography & Social Justice

The main objectives of this class are to provide an introduction to geographical aspects of social justice and to examine how these issues play out at a number of interconnected geographic scales (local, regional, state and international). Geographical study is … Continue reading

History of Manhood in America, 1750 to 1940

This course is designed to allow students to explore the meanings of manhood and the various constructions of masculine identity in America between the late-18th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The negative images (opposites) against which manhood … Continue reading

Sex & Sexualities

This course provides students with an overview of influential theories about the social aspects of sex and sexuality, as well as some direct engagement with ethnographic representations of sexual worlds and their politics. It examines the diversity of human sexual … Continue reading

Race, Class, Gender, & Ethnicity

Dr. Michelle Budig University of Massachusetts Amherst   Syllabus

Politics of Race, Ethnicity, & Gender

This course consists of an examination of the role of African Americans, Latinos, Asian Pacific Americans, American Indians, and women in all areas of the American political system as: voter, party activist, candidate, and public official. The process of political … Continue reading