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Environment, Health & Society

This course draws on multiple sociological perspectives to examine two interrelated domains: 1) how dimensions of social organization shape the production and distribution of environmental health and illness in the United States; 2) how we know and regulate relationships between … Continue reading

Ethical Issues in Health Policy

This course begins with an exploration of ethics, the moral relevance of health and the use of ethics in the assessment of health policy. Students will become acquainted with a number of theories of justice. Student will explore contemporary health … Continue reading

Problems of Identity at the Biology-Society Interface

This course will explore the entanglement of biological and social concepts in knowledge about racial and ethnic variation among human populations. The course compares the population genetics understanding of population variation and groupings to the sociological and anthropological conception of … Continue reading

Inequality and Health

This course will analyze studies of health outcomes, the social conditions that are related to the health of populations, and some of the mechanisms through which these patterns are produced. These research topics are not constrained to a single discipline … Continue reading