genetic determinism

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Biosocial Problems in Contemporary America

Biosocial Problems in Contemporary America This course examines the application of basic biological ideas to modern social problems in America, in particular, the intersection of biological theories and social beliefs. Among the major issues examined are the ideological uses of science, the biological basis of sex roles and homosexuality, behavioral genetics, evolutionary psychology, and the meaning of race in medical practice.  This course will stress the analysis of evidence in the original scientific literature and a critical reading of how science is reported in the press. Dr. Ross S. Feldberg Tufts University

Anthropological Genetics

Anthropological Genetics The goal of this class is to engage the scope of genetics as it relates to humans; to familiarize anthropology students with the principles of human genetics, especially in those areas in which it differs from genetics of other organisms; and most importantly, to explore the ways in which genetics can be illuminated by anthropological knowledge.