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gender identity

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All in for All Genders

By Jaime Grant In August, the New York Times presented an amazing study in friendship between two Midwest rollerskaters who can only be described as genderqueer or gender non-binary. The truly wondrous thing about the article – and proof that the gender revolution feminists and LGBTQ people have been championing for decades is firmly underway – is that the gender of the subjects is not mentioned. Their identities are not parsed endlessly for the reader. Instead, we are offered a jubilant, affirming view of friendship via highly saturated colors in an unlikely place. The overall affect is nothing short of breathtaking. Even the comments are full of celebration and dare I say it, joy. Today, youth who identify as a gender different from the one checked off on a birth certificate face a mountain of barriers as they become themselves. Even in families that wholeheartedly embrace their child’s expressed…

Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

This course will provide an introduction into Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Studies. Considering LBGTQ Studies as an interdisciplinary field using humanities text-based critical analysis, this course will focus on how the central concepts of sexual orientation and gender identity work within history, politics, literature, technology, art, music, philosophy, and literature. Throughout this course, students will work towards a deep understanding of the intersectional dynamics of privilege and oppression as they relate to LGBTQ individuals and culture by exploring the lived experiences of LGBTQ individuals and their partners/families. Critically read, discuss, analyze, and write about the assigned readings and central course themes. A key part of this process will be the application of course concepts to current cultural conversations and, potentially, students’ lived experiences. Build both a specific and general knowledge of the history and current dialogues regarding LGBTQ issues across multiple disciplines and across multiple forms of…