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Social Issues in Biology

“Social Issues in Biology” is a small reading and discussion class with a maximum of 20 students.  Using contemporary and historical examples, discussions examine the social, political and cultural factors that influence science and its presentation to the public.  Cases … Continue reading

Introduction to Race and Ethnicity in the United States

In a country based on the promise of equality, does racial and ethnic inequality still exist? If so, what are its causes and what makes it invisible to so many people? In this course we will examine the nature of … Continue reading

Race, Class, Gender, & Ethnicity

Dr. Michelle Budig University of Massachusetts Amherst   Syllabus

Politics of Race, Ethnicity, & Gender

This course consists of an examination of the role of African Americans, Latinos, Asian Pacific Americans, American Indians, and women in all areas of the American political system as: voter, party activist, candidate, and public official. The process of political … Continue reading