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Biomedical Ethics

This course develops students’ critical thinking about dilemmas in medicine and health care policy, such as those that arise around allocation of scarce resources, criteria for organ transplants, informed consent, experimentation on human subjects, AIDS research, embryo research and selective … Continue reading

Ethical Issues in Health Policy

This course begins with an exploration of ethics, the moral relevance of health and the use of ethics in the assessment of health policy. Students will become acquainted with a number of theories of justice. Student will explore contemporary health … Continue reading

Environmental Ethics & Public Policy

Environmental Ethics and Public Policy: This course examines the implementation of public policies to promote environmental ethics, focusing on environmental justice. The course will begin by reviewing different concepts of environmental justice. We then look to see how one might … Continue reading

Ethical Dimensions of Global Humanitarian Policy

This course surveys the ethical dilemmas that arise in the context of global need and global opportunity, specifically the needs for physical, psychological and spiritual sustenance and support created in the developing world by many kinds of violence, exploitation and … Continue reading