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Environmental Justice & Crime

This specialized course emphasizes the role of socially structured hierarchies in the study of the production, distribution, regulation, and criminalization of environmental harms. Course materials are divided into five sections. Section one readings scrutinize the meaning of environmental justice, environmental equality, and environmental equity. Second section readings examine the history of demographic based evidence of environmental injustice (i.e., toxic releases, treatment, storage, and disposal facilities, Superfund sites, etc). The examination of the distributional injustice literature will also emphasize contemporary research and explore important questions that still need to be addressed. Section three readings evaluate the history of the environmental justice movement and non-profit environmental justice organizations. The fourth section readings describe the emerging area of “green criminology” and its relationship to environmental justice. Finally, the course will conclude by briefly examining political economy explanations of environmental injustice, with a specific focus on production. Dr. Paul Stretesky University of Colorado Denver…