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Lemonade Syllabus

This is a compilation of more than 200 resources that specifically speak to Black women, from classics in fiction to Black feminist theory to inspirational and self-care guides. There are even resources for the young Black girls in our lives. Though the Lemonade Syllabus is robust, it is not exhaustive. It is my hope that this work will introduce you to other offerings from amazing Black women who tell our stories in hopes of setting us free.

“I Was Served Lemons but I Made Lemonade”: Notes from a Teenage Fan

by Stephanie Shonekan, Art and Pop Culture, Contributing Editor

I am willing to wager that my 16-year-old daughter, Ojurere, is Beyoncé’s biggest fan. She has been a devoted fan since the Destiny’s Child days. When Beyoncé coughed at a concert a few weeks ago, Ojurere was delighted. She explained that this very small act of spontaneity added to Beyoncé’s profile as a superstar who was willing to be vulnerable. “It makes her human, Mom,” Ojurere explained when I chuckled. Ojurere is used to my reaction to her “beyhive” behavior, so she plays it up a bit, but underneath our mutual amusement, there is a serious thread of which we are both aware.