Asian Americans

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Asian American History

This course provides an introduction to the histories of people of Asian descent in the United States from the late eighteenth to early twenty-first centuries. In addition to exploring the distinctiveness of Asian American history as a field of study, we will assess the ways in which Asian American history is itself a crucial sub field of American history. No assumption is made that one “authentic” Asian American experience exists; rather it is explicitly acknowledged that the experiences of Asian Americans are multifaceted and complex. We will focus on the experiences people with ancestries in China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Southeast Asia, and South Asia, exploring common patterns while also addressing differences based on factors such as nationality, class, gender, and religion. Topics we will explore include: U.S. global expansion and Asian migration; capitalism and labor migration; anti-Asian movements and exclusion; community formation and solidarity; stereotypes of “Yellow Peril” and…