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Tips for Responding to Racist Attacks

By Aaryn Lang

“Don’t Be a Bystander: 6 Tips for Responding to Racist Attacks”— a 4 minute video created by the Barnard Center for Research on Women and Project NIA— offers an abolitionist approach to bystander intervention in response to racist and transphobic attacks that does not rely on the police. In the seven days following the 2016 Presidential election, the Southern Poverty Law Center recorded 437 incidents of hateful intimidation and harassment around the country with the majority taking place at K-12 schools. This video is part of a broader collaboration with Micah Bazant, Mariame Kaba, the American Friends Service Committee, Showing Up for Racial Justice, Jewish Voice for Peace, Black Lives Matter and many teachers and librarians around the country to create and distribute cultural responses to white supremacy and rising racist violence. 

Praxis Center talks to Aaryn Lang, “Don’t Be a Bystander’s” narrator, who guides viewers through each of the six tips about responding to racist attacks. Lang is a transgender activist and an HIV/STI prevention counselor in a New York neighborhood community health center.