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College Students, Politics, and Protest Syllabus

Professor David S. Busch
Carnegie Mellon University

Can college students change the world? We will attempt to answer this question by delving into the history of student activism in the United States and around the world since 1945. The course will use select case studies to:  1) examine the philosophies and tactics of student activists; 2) analyze the relationship between shifting conditions of higher education and student activists’ ideas of political action and; 3) evaluate where student movements have succeeded and failed in achieving their social and political goals. In the spirit of the student activists we study, the course is structured around student agency. Students will lead their own workshops, facilitate in-class activities, and engage in an experiential component alongside the course. Such activities will prompt students to reflect upon their ideas of citizenship and activism. By taking this course, students will develop their own historical interpretations of student activism and the modern university and draw out relevant lessons for today’s world.

To access the complete syllabus, please click on the online version of the College Students, Politics, and Protest syllabus.

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