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Slavery, Race, Capitalism

Historians’ recent investigations of the centrality of racialized chattel slavery to the origins of capitalism — along with activists’ efforts to expose the ongoing legacy of New World slavery — inspire a broad reconsideration of the connections between capitalism, race, and coerced labor across time and around the world. This course ranges across different disciplines and regions to survey how race and capitalism have been — and continue to be — conjoined both theoretically and empirically.

This is a collaborative course offering from the Robert L. Heilbroner Center for Capitalism Studies, co-designed and co-taught by Julia Ott, Mia White, Alana Lentin, Kris Manjapra, Fred Cooper, Janet Roitman, Darrick Hamilton, Terry Williams, Nathan Connolly, Shirley Thompson, Ujju Aggarwal, Natasha Iskander, and Nicholas Fiori.

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