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Resilient Love in a Time of Hate: A Discussion with David Kim and Sunni Patterson

New Orleans native Sunni Patterson is an internationally-known Def poetry artist and activist. She is joined in a conversation with George Lipsitz and David Kim about her music and poetry, and her life reaching, teaching and healing.

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  1. Jim Campbell

    Deep thanks to Lisa Brock and the PRAXIS CENTER for this substantive contribution to our emerging national movement not only to reaffirm our common humanity but also to build upon the dialectical “Democracy” opportunities presented in the fascistic challenges inherent in the recent USA Presidential election outcomes. IN THESE OUTCOMES, America is confronted by a historic set of “testing circumstances” where the strength of our Democracy is ‘on the table’; the irreversibility of advances of inclusion for all sectors of our citizenry is ‘on the table’; the extent and durability of the elimination of white supremacy and open racist signage achieved by the ’60’s democracy struggles and sacrifices is ‘on the table’; the depth of our collective unity as an inclusive society with the full embrace of a diverse American humanity is ‘on the table’; everything is ‘on the table’ linked to this testing period of the resiliency, depth, pervasiveness, and breath of fulfillment and success of the American Revolution INITIATED on the popular Call of, “We, the People”. Once more, “To the Barricades!” Once more, all of us are being tested on the basis of the strength, depth, and breath of our democracy.